The benefits of travel

‘To travel is to live’

– Hans Christian Anderson

Is there anything better than that delicious feeling of anticipation as you zip up your suitcase, ready to take on the world? The pure excitement and giddiness as you get in the car, or board the plane? At OM we love to travel, because we believe it benefits our mind, body and soul. And here’s why:

You get to experience other cultures

It’s easy to take the everyday for granted, when in fact the things you do, see, eat and read are unique to you. We love learning about other culture’s approaches to work, to leisure, to beauty (a Moroccan Hammam, anyone?); the customs they live by and their routines. Experiencing other cultures quite literally opens your eyes and increases your sense of empathy towards humanity.

You are challenged

Travelling requires a level of planning: booking tickets, organising accommodation; figuring out where to go, what to see, what to eat. You might have to prioritise certain activities, testing your reasoning skills and ability to make active, quick-fire decisions. Essentially, travel is a series of mini tests, and after every hurdle we encourage you to give your mind a pat on the back.

You meet new people

If you meet other people whilst travelling, the chances are they will love travelling as much as you do. A shared passion is a wonderful thing, and it’s the perfect opportunity to mix with people from all over the world. The more people you encounter, the more you can learn and grow from their experiences. Who knows, the people you meet could become friends for life, and you might even meet your soulmate…

You get time to reflect

Escaping from the everyday allows you time to reflect on your life, especially if you feel like you’re at a crossroads. It might make you consider applying for that role, taking up a new opportunity, or giving yourself the courage to break away from something that’s having a negative effect on your life. Travel is a breath of fresh air for the soul and can provide a new level of perspective.

Your horizons are broadened

There’s a reason employers don’t mark you down for taking time out to travel – whether that’s a year before or after education, or time between employment. Travel broadens your horizons and teaches you to adapt to different environments, climates, people, routines, and so much more. As a result, people who have travelled or enjoy travelling are generally curious, tolerant and practical, all qualities which are beneficial to the world of work. So travelling won’t hurt your CV, either.

“ We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. We travel to bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge, to those parts of the globe whose riches are differently dispersed. And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again- to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.”
Pico Iyer