In-flight Essentials For Travel

We put so much emphasis on preparing and packing for a holiday that often we completely forget about the flight itself. Whether you’re schlepping to the other side of the world on a long-haul flight or visiting the south of France, you won’t want to be without your trusty in-flight essentials. We rely on ours to keep us entertained (a book, a magazine), and feeling fresh (gum), relaxed and beautiful. For the latter, this is where our products come in. Our go-tos are compact – i.e. under 100ml, so they won’t be confiscated pre-flight – and multi-tasking, which means you can spend more time daydreaming about your impending trip and less time worrying about the effects of the flight on your skin…

Invisible Finish Primer, 30ml

Let’s be honest – travel is tiring. Regardless of what time you’re flying, you won’t want to consider applying a full face of make up, but you might not be completely comfortable flying bare-faced, either. Luckily, our light primer offers a subtle tint to prevent dullness, balance your skin tone and give a lit-from-within-glow – ideal for when you’re embracing that jet-setter lifestyle. Application is speedy, too; one pump of product is enough to apply to your face – just glide and go!

It’s well-known that skin is prone to becoming dry and dehydrated in-flight. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Thirst-quenching Larch Tree extract offers an injection of moisture, whilst the winning combination of red algae and chamomile oil soothe the skin, gently transitioning you from work to leisure. Plus, sweet orange oil in our primer works stimulate and tone the skin (vitamin C promotes the production of collagen as well as increasing blood flow) so can you can look forward to a firmer, brighter complexion when you land.

Finally, when you step off the plane, you can relax in the knowledge that thanks to our primer’s high level SPF 40, your skin is protected from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays which would otherwise result in sunburn and premature ageing.

Serenity Beauty Booster, 15ml

Pick up our Serenity Beauty Booster for your flight. If the prospect of flying fills you with anxiety, never fear; the formula contains frangipani, a homeopathic remedy to relieve the mind of stress. Frangipani is known for its healing capacity (the Ancient Indians believed it to the ‘Tree of Life’): to replenish the mind and body and induce peace and tranquillity. Exactly what you need en-route to your destination of choice.

Pre-travel stress can have adverse effects on the skin such as inflammation and dry patches, the latter of which can be exacerbated in flight. The good news is that a few drops of our Serenity Beauty Booster can calm the complexion, thanks to a helping hand from the bottom of the ocean: algae. Our hand-harvested red seaweed penetrates the skin’s surface reduce inflammation; whilst brown seaweed – also an anti-inflammatory – prevents redness.

Also, our Serenity Beauty Booster is helpfully boosted with hyaluronic acid, a powerful molecule which drives moisture deep into the skin – ideal for when you’re after an extra shot of hydration. Say farewell to dry, deflated skin.