Customise your skincare with our Beauty Boosters

Sometimes your skin needs more than a good moisturiser, and that’s where our Beauty Boosters come in. At OM we offer two: a Revitalising Beauty Booster, and a Serenity Beauty Booster. Simply put, Revitalising is suited to boost tired, lacklustre complexions, whilst Serenity is better for stressed, inflamed skin. Both are – you guessed it – ‘boosted’ with sophisticated, effective ingredients, and promise to deliver beautiful results in conjunction with our skincare hero, the Daily Radiance Moisturiser.

To use, simply add a few drops of the formula in with your moisturiser and apply to the skin.

If you have tired skin… try our Revitalising Beauty Booster

Our Daily Radiance Moisturiser, as the name suggests, focuses on giving tired skin a glowing complexion. Enriched with apple extract, a valuable source of vitamin C, the moisturiser encourages a toned and smooth base. The moisturiser also contains cucumber extract, soothing sleepy, puffy eyes.

The Revitalising Skin Booster takes the science a bit further by combatting tired skin concerns from every angle. As with our moisturiser, it contains apple and cucumber extracts to tone and soothe, as well as vitamin C and sweet orange oil. The Revitalising Beauty Booster contains hyaluronic acid, which boosts hydration by penetrating the skin’s surface and stimulating the production of collagen, giving your face a smoother texture.

Tired skin is vulnerable to damage, so plant extract Scutellaria Baicalensis Root helps to protect against UV damage and pigmentation resulting from sun exposure (note: always use SPF during the day to prevent against dark spots). Added to this is Camelia Sinensis, a powerful, natural antioxidant which promotes immunity and provides a protective barrier against pollution, the latter of which can give a lacklustre complexion.  Still groggy? The scent of orange blossom will gently awaken the senses and is recognised to ease feelings of anxiety.

If you have stressed skin… try our Serenity Beauty Booster

Stress can be known to have all sorts of adverse effects on the skin, such as spontaneous dry patches. Luckily, our Daily Radiance Moisturiser is enriched with intelligent Larch Tree Extract, known to reduce water loss in skin cells and contain moisture in dry conditions. Stress also breaks down collagen and is responsible for premature ageing. Our moisturiser contains innovative tetrapeptide-9, a high-tech youth cure which reinforces collagen fibres by anchoring them together, increasing the skin’s density and firmness.

A few drops of our Serenity Beauty Booster can calm the complexion, thanks to a combination of natural oils and relaxing ingredients. Firstly, our hand-harvested red seaweed penetrates deep into the skin to reduce inflammation; whilst brown seaweed – also an anti-inflammatory – prevents redness and stimulates collagen production to combat against the effects of stress.

Both boosters share the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and orange blossom, but the Serenity Beauty Booster also contains homeopathic remedies to relieve the mind of stress. Frangipani, believed by Ancient Indians to be the ‘Tree of Life’ due to its healing capacity, acts to ease stress, replenish the mind and body and induce peace and tranquillity. The booster also offers well-being saviour Clary Sage, which is said to promote self-esteem, hope and mental strength, which is turn encourages a positive mental state to help fight depression.