Your spring routine, sorted

Okay, so spring sprung a while back, but we haven’t been convinced, neglecting a jacket one day and reaching for a scarf the other. But finally it seems like spring is really here. There are bluebells and daffodils aplenty, most evenings are warm enough for an after work run, and we’re keen to explore come the weekend.

Now is the time to spring-up your skincare. At OM, we know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we’ve put together an adaptable routine that considers different skin types. Everyone deserves to have good skin, whatever the season.


All: Cleanse your way to radiant skin with our Pure Glow Cleanser, suitable for all skin types. Organic Aloe Vera hydrates and moisturises dry skin, whilst Rosewood oil balances oil production. Get glowing with our Konjac Sponge – soak it in warm water before squeezing in the cleanser. Use it to massage the skin gently in circular motions to energise skin and remove impurities. The Cleanser and Konjac combo encourages a radiant, awakened complexion.

Very dry: Follow your cleanse with our Daily Radiance Moisturiser. Thanks to Larch Tree extract, skin is boosted with moisture, and Yeast extract reactivates ceramides (fatty, waxy molecules which are deficient in dry skin) which promote long-lasting hydration. Top with our Invisible Finish Primer, enriched with Moringa seeds to combat pollution and SPF 40 to protect against UV rays.

Dry/Combination: Reach for our Serenity Beauty Booster or Revitalising Beauty Booster. Hyaluronic acid works to moisturise the skin, whilst apple extract combats blemishes. Gentle cucumber extracts soothe the complexion and reduce any early-morning puffiness. Finish with our Invisible Finish Primer, which contains hand-harvested red algae which protects against bacteria and revitalises the skin.

Oily: With an oily complexion it’s important to resist the urge to strip the skin – the skin will overcompensate and cause blocked pores. We recommend our Invisible Finish Primer as a light, moisturising layer which won’t overload it. Rosewood oil balances sebum levels which reduce the risk of blemishes, and papaya extract removes impurities from the skin.


All: Cleanse away the day with our Pure Glow Cleanser. Doubling as a make-up remover, the formula gently dissolves even the most stubborn of mascaras and leaves skin feeling fresh. The scent of sweet orange detoxifies your complexion and your mind. Apply and leave for 10 minutes as a mini mask treatment, and massage off with our Konjac Sponge.

OM tip: If you’re cleansing off a full face of make-up, we suggest repeating this step with half a pump’s worth of cleanser to ensure your skin is clear.

All: Our Daily Radiance Moisturiser is a brilliant anti-ageing night cream. It contains high-tech youth cure Tetrapeptide-9, which reinforces collagen fibres by anchoring them together. This increases skin’s density and firmness and encourages a tightened complexion. Moisture is restored with Larch Tree extract, and cucumber soothes stressed, puffy skin.

Very dry: As above, but repeat as necessary. Listen to your skin – if it’s soaking up the moisturiser, layer more on.

Treatment: Night-time skin therapy in a bottle, our Miracle Serum rescues stressed out and tired skin. It’s enriched with anti-ageing Tetrapeptide-11, developed to reinforce the structure of the outer skin layer and stimulate collagen for improved resilience. The serum also contains Geranium ‘beauty’ oil – a hero multi-tasker – speeding up skin recovery, improving blood circulation and reducing the appearing of scars and dark spots. Meanwhile, natural skin filler and powerful anti-ager Cassia Angustifolia Seed plumps the skin. Wake up a new person.

Recommendation: In addition, we suggest exfoliating twice a week with a refining scrub to remove dead skin cells, and using a face mask for your skin type for an extra pamper at least once a week.