Women’s Health awarded us Best New Beauty Brand!

We’re thrilled to announce that OM won Best New Beauty Brand at the Women’s Health Future 50 Beauty Awards.

Back in May 2016 we submitted our products for Women’s Health’s consideration: the Pure Glow Cleanser for ‘Best Cleanser’ and No-Lines Nourishing Cream for ‘Best Eye Cream’, together with our brand presentation, which included our brand story and philosophy.

Our Pure Glow cleanser – enhanced with brightening sweet orange oil, hydrating aloe vera and pH balancing rosewood oil – doubles as a make-up remover; we couldn’t be without it. Meanwhile, our No-Lines Nourishing Cream is an anti-ageing savour, enriched with youth-enhancing hyaluronic acid and seaweed to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes. We felt very confident in our submissions, and hoped for the best.

When we first received the invitation from Women’s Health to attend their Future 50 Beauty Awards breakfast, we couldn’t believe it. And when we heard that those invited had won an award, the team – including Dr. OM, of course – were absolutely delighted. We’d be in the company of some serious beauty heavyweights, but wouldn’t know what award we’d won until our name was called.

Held towards the end of last year in the luxurious Hotel Café Royal, the awards were hosted by Women’s Health Beauty Editor, Amelia Jean Jones.

The event space was stunning (we were lucky enough to be sat in the Pompadour Ballroom) with ornate detailing, gilded frames and the most beautiful painted ceilings. Guests, to be expected, were amongst the best in the business – industry experts, retailers and influencers – all keen to discuss the future of beauty. It was a fantastic opportunity for our PR team to meet and mix with everyone involved, and so they did! The room was a-buzz with greetings, chatter and excitement.

We waited in anticipation as the winners were announced from various categories, from fragrance, to body, to make-up, to hair… Finally, the time came to announce Skincare.

As the winners were called – the ‘Best Cleanser’ and ‘Best Eye Cream’ awards came and went – we became a little disheartened. Had we been invited by accident? After all, we’d only submitted two products, and neither of those had won the categories. And then, just when we thought all hope was lost, it clicked: the final award was for ‘Best New Brand.’

Best New Brand.

That was us!

We were thrilled, very nearly jumping off our chairs in excitement, when OM was called. The award was totally unexpected (but, to be slightly biased, well-deserved) and we are so, so proud of our achievement. The Skincare awards part of the ceremony was probably the longest ten minutes of our lives, but totally worth it in the end.

We’re very excited for the future of OM, and we’re confident that our award for ‘Best New Brand’ will be the first of many.