What is your skin saying?

Have you ever had one-too-many glasses of wine (or cocktails, or whiskey shots…), and you just know your skin’s going to act out the next day? Or maybe it’s your time of the month and that pesky spot is lurking – again. Your skin, or more specifically, your face, reflects what’s going on in your body.

If your blemishes tend to linger and you don’t know why, face mapping could provide the answer. Face mapping dates back thousands of years to Chinese medicine, known as ‘Mien Shiang’, which literally means face reading. It’s based around the idea that different sections of the face are linked to different organs in the body. So based on the idea of face-mapping, what is your skin saying?

Forehead: ‘That didn’t go down well…’

Your forehead is linked to your stomach. Sometimes your digestive system finds it difficult to break down certain foods such as wheat and dairy, which means you might have a food intolerance. For a blemish-free forehead, try monitoring your intake to see if it makes a difference. To support healthy digestion, we suggest stocking up on high fibre foods and products rich in antioxidants – think blueberries, tomatoes and dark green vegetables. We also love green tea for boosting metabolism.

Eyebrows: ‘I’m run down after one too many’

Your eyebrows indicate your liver health and immunity levels. Had a heavy weekend? Fatty foods and alcohol are culprits of brow blemishes. Give your liver a break and repair it with herbs such as dandelion root and milk thistle seed. Spots above brows may indicate that you’re run down, so make sure you’re getting enough rest and dose up on immune-restoring vitamin C. Try an immunity smoothie of kale, orange juice, strawberries and kiwi.

Cheeks: ‘And…. breathe’

When you look at your cheeks, you’re looking at your respiratory system. Pull on your trainers and get your blood pumping – ideally at a park, or somewhere where the air is fresh. Make sure you’re removing all traces of make up at the end of the day and cleaning any items that touch your cheeks regularly (your phone, your pillowcase). Prone to redness? Be wary of alcohol, caffeine and spicy food – they can cause skin to become red and inflamed.

Nose: ‘This greasy diet is stressing me out’

Your face is centred around your nose, so it makes sense that the nose reflects the centre of the body – the heart. Be kind to your heart and watch out for those fatty, fried foods. Put down the salt, and go easy on oil and batter. To keep your blood pressure steady, it’s worth introducing stress-reducing techniques such as meditation and yoga into your daily routine.

Lower cheeks: ‘I need some serious ‘me time’’

Hormone imbalance – whether it’s your time of the month or you’re stressed – can cause havoc to the lower cheeks. The solution is to simply take care of yourself the best you can. Stay hydrated, rest and exercise – the latter to benefit from feel-good endorphins. Have a pamper with a purifying mask and try an at-home face steam.

Chin & jawline: ‘Calm me down’

The bottom part of your face is linked to the stomach and hormones. Help your stomach out with a cup of peppermint tea after meals – mint aids relaxation and can alleviate bloating. As with your forehead, you chin and jaw will also benefit from a fibre and antioxidant-rich diet. Stress can be a common factor in blemishes here, so relaxation such as yoga and breathing techniques will work to your skin’s advantage.