How do emotions affect your mind, body and skin?

Many of us are tricked into believing that good skin is just a matter of using the right products… but it’s not as simple as that. If this were the case, we’d all have blemish-free, smooth and glowing skin. Truth be told, our skin is influenced as much by our inner environment as our outer environment. This is because the mind’s processes influence our body, and this has a knock-on effect on our skin.

A mind-body relationship dates back to ancient times. It was known as qi, prana, a dynamic flow of energy that powers the connection between the two. It was thought if this flow was messed with, it would cause a blockage and encourage disease.

Think of your body as a big mass of vibrating cells. Your body’s vibrations can easily be disrupted by negative influences such as stress, and that’s when it snaps into emergency mode – the ‘blockage’ is created. You need to know how to get it back to its natural rhythm.

Negative emotions, such as anger and stress, are big influences on the body. They cause it to produce the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. These enable a ‘fight or flight’ instinct, essential to our ancestors but not so vital now. Times may have changed, but our body reacts to stress the same way today as it did hundreds of years ago. The pressures of everyday life mean that constant stress is a reality, which means a constant release of these hormones.

In large doses, adrenaline and cortisol are detrimental. The effects include increased oil production (leading to blocked pores, whiteheads and blackheads); slowed down skin renewal (meaning skin becomes susceptible to infection); inflammation and sensitivity (linked to hives); worsening skin problems (including acne, psoriasis and eczema); and interrupted collagen production (which speeds up the ageing process).

These consequences are stressful in themselves, and it’s easy to fall prey to an unhelpful cycle: you feel stressed, and so your body is affected by stress hormones, which then present themselves in your skin… which makes you feel stressed. How to break the cycle?

At OM we believe that your inner well-being is just as important as your outer well-being, which means you need to invest in both.

Inner well-being can be addressed with stress-reducing strategies such as meditation, breathing exercises and cardio; whilst nourishing yourself with unprocessed foods, staying hydrated and massage can help to eliminate toxins. If you find yourself caught up in negative patterns, these can be remedied with essential oils, homeopathy and even sound therapy.

Our products reflect the mind-body connection, or qi prana, by utilising ingredients that benefit your inner well-being as well as being beneficial to your skin.

Top 5 uplifting ingredients:

Sweet orange oil – Oranges promote the production of collagen and increase blood flow, which leaves skin glowing. This oil cleanses, tones, detoxifies – and smells wonderful. You can enjoy the scent in our Pure Glow Cleanser and Invisible Finish Primer.

Geranium essential oil – Used by Egyptian goddesses, Geranium oil was known as ‘beauty oil’. It improves blood circulation whilst promoting equal distribution of melanin, reducing the appearance of scars and dark spots. Get Cleopatra level beautiful with our Miracle Serum.

Larch tree extract – These extracts are mindfully harvested to preserve the eco-system, and they preserve skin, too. The extract traps moisture, improves skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Discover it in our Miracle Serum, Invisible Finish Primer and Daily Radiance Moisturiser.

Red Algae – Our go-to ingredient for revitalising stressed skin, only in our Invisible Finish Primer. The seaweed is harvested by hand to ensure both a premium selection of the species and to protect the environment. It soothes skin to reduce inflammation and promotes an even, smooth and youthful complexion.

Soybean protein – Found in our No-Lines Nourishing Cream and Miracle Serum, this protein improves elasticity, smooths wrinkles and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.