Airplane skincare tips and tricks

Airplane Skincare

Your Airplane Skincare routine is a must whether you’re a frequent flyer or you’re taking your first long-haul trip, it’s important to know the unwanted effects airplane travel can have on your skin. The low humidity and high altitudes wreak havoc on your skin, causing it to dehydrate much faster than on a regular day. This can both dry out normal skin and cause oily skin to produce even more oil – leading to unwanted spots.

To combat this, you’ll need to work extra hard to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Following just a few simple Airplane Skincare tips and tricks, you can create your perfect on-flight routine.

Prep and prime

Beautiful skin requires time and dedication all year round but when you’re up in the sky, it pays to take extra care. To prepare your skin properly for air travel, you should start by removing any cosmetics you might already have on with a good quality cleansing wipe. Whilst we all want to look beautiful when travelling, wearing products like foundation or blush can contribute to the drying effect on your skin.

Once your face is fresh and make-up free, treat it to a dose of thirst-quenching serum, followed by rich and luxurious moisturiser. This is the perfect way to start your flight and gives your face a much needed moisture boost before the journey really gets going.

You may benefit from moisturising several times throughout your journey, especially if the flight is going to be an overnight affair.

Quench your thirst

Drinking water isn’t an instant skincare fix but it will help to give you soft, glowing skin in the long term. Try to consume at least a litre of water for every six hours you are up in the air for maximum hydration. Drinking plenty before, during and after your flight will ensure that your skin can fight back against the low humidity.

Whilst it can be tempting to indulge in a glass of wine or two, the dry, recycled air will leave you feeling parched, so do forego the H2O during your on-flight routine.

Mist away

One Airplane Skincare tip that many people swear by is misting. During a long flight, you’ll need to keep your skin hydrated constantly. Drenching your face in serums and moisturisers before you set off is a good start to your routine but over time the dry, stale air will continue to dehydrate you, leaving your skin dull and uncomfortable.

Mist sprays offer a quick burst of moisture and are light and gentle enough to use throughout your journey. Keep a small bottle handy whenever you go on long flights for instant, soothing refreshment.

Get some shut eye

Finally, another essential part of any good skincare routine is sleep and this is no different when you’re up in the air. It can be difficult to sleep on a flight, even if it is long-haul but it’s important to try so that your skin can rest and rejuvenate.

To make the most of your down time, you can apply a non-drying face mask, a face sheet or even nourishing skin oil whilst you try to get some rest.